Get around town in minutes

There is Gokeke in affordable price in every location

How Gokeke works

Download app. Create your account, set up your profile

Enable GPS, wave available keke for a ride

We arrive instantly and pick you up to your destination

Earn bonus from waving more and more

Why Gokeke

Gokeke is affordable

Riding with Gokeke is a lot cheaper than other taxi services. You save cost and still enjoy the comfort, speed, convenience and service that you desire. Gokeke is designed to suit your budget, fares are remarkably pocket friendly

Gokeke is Safe

Your safety is our priority, from start to finish. Your safety is extremely important to us before, during, and after every trip. We constantly check our partners and keep our rides ready, safe and sound

Gokeke is fast

Riding with Gokek saves you a whole lot of time. Gokeke can easily maneuver through narrow roads and get you there fast. It gets you a ride fast, and gets you to you destination fast.

Gokeke is Convenient

Gokeke in your city makes commuting more convenient. Hail a keke taxi and get to your destination in minutes.We believe in comfort and convenience along with functionality. Gokeke guarantee you comfort through your ride.

Gokeke is Reliable

Time is money they say, Gokeke try as much as possible to make sure we deliver on time, get to your destination, and avoid delay, we are always ready to deliver and believe so much on Trust building with customers

Gokeke is designed for you

The fastest way to your destination; safe and pocket friendly; Gokeke avails you a quicker, cheaper way to commute within town through its on-demand transport services and easy-to-use taxi hailing mobile apps

Download Gokeke App to get Started

Our app is easy to use and accessible for all users, download and register to start using gokeke service

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