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Gokeke is here to keep you going, we are ready to deliver and their is more to benefit when you invest with us, We have outstanding service delivery. Try us now

How Gokeke Works

Download the app first.. then create an account , wave a ride from your location, get a pick up, then earn bonus when you wave more...Easy ride

Send for a drop

Enter your trip details and hail a taxi at the tap of your screen to request for a pickup

Quick drop

In few minutes gokeke picks you up from your location

Earn rewards

The more pickup rides you have, the more credits you earn

Use gokeke App

Our app is easy to use and accessible for all users, download and register to start using gokeke service

free download

Registered users
pickup per day

Time is money, book your standby keke

choose your ride

Select what you choose to ride in; Keke (Alone or group drop)

Real time monitoring

Real-time geolocation helps you track your driver’s progress to your pick up location and monitor your trip progress

Cash or card

Easily switch between payment methods based on your real-time preference. Pay with card or cash when you want.

24 hours support

We offer guaranteed online presence for your supports, we have support online agents to help you solve problems

What Our Costumers say

I've tried gokeke 3 times this week, and the delivered very well, i can count on them now, their service is excellent

James Okorie

I was introduced to gokeke by a friend, and ever since i got their app and created an account, they have never disappointed me

Emma Velasquez

Gokeke delivery service is awesome, they are always on time, and very affordable, i can always count on them

Jessica cherry

I have never gone to work late again, ever since my daughter told me about gokeke. i safe more money now and they keep to time

Mr Chukwudi Afam

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Emmanuel uche
Customer Support Assitant
+234 703 576 7023

Get instant delivery

Gokeke in your city makes commuting more convenient. Hail a taxi and get to your destination in minutes.We believe in comfort and convenience along with functionality. Gokeke guarantee you comfort through your ride.

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